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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Model Price Oferta Resolution Capacity Dimensions Qty Add
S4-30K Sin IVA: € 148.00 Con IVA: € 177.60 10 g 30 kg 220x310 mm
S4-15K Sin IVA: € 148.00 Con IVA: € 177.60 5 g 15 kg 220x310 mm
S4-6K Sin IVA: € 148.00 Con IVA: € 177.60 2 g 6 kg 220x310 mm
(Von: 177.60 inkl. MwSt.)  

• Scale suitable for all legal metrology use, in accordance with directive 2014/31/EU.

• Backlit display panel for easy inspection from any perspective.

• Programmable automatic switch-off so the scale turns off when not in use.

• Low battery warning to monitor the battery level of the scale at all times.

• Rechargeable battery included to work with the scale in any location.

• Optional RS 232-C to connect the scale to our PR4 printer, available as an option, or a PC.

• Resistant ABS housing to protect the scale from knocks and scratches.

• Stainless steel surface plate for use with wet and humid products. Also ensures hygiene and ease of cleaning.

• Plate dimensions: 310x220 mm.

• Overall dimensions: 325x330x110 mm

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S4-15K S4-30K

Capacity (kg)


15 30

Resolution (g)


  5 10

Weight units

g, kg, lb

Structure material ABS

Plate dimensions (mm)

220 x 310

Total dimensions (mm)

325 x 330 x 110

Weight (kg)


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