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Availability: In stock

Model Price Oferta Resolution Capacity Dimensions Qty Add
KERN EOS 150K50XL Sin IVA: € 357.89 Con IVA: € 429.47 50 g 150 kg 900x550 mm
KERN EOS 300K100XL Sin IVA: € 357.89 Con IVA: € 429.47 100 g 300 kg 900x550 mm
(Von: 429.47 inkl. MwSt.)  

- Simple and convenient 4-key operation

- Wall mount for display device, standard

- Vibration-free weighing: at the push of a button, a stable average weight is given when the environmental conditions are unstable or when weighing animals

- The scale can be easily transported using 2 rollers and a handle and does not require much storage space

- Rechargeable battery duration: X hours.

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